An interdisciplinary environmental hackathon that will have three problem tracks focusing on pressing environmental issues we face today including COVID and the environment, environmental justice, and moving away from single-use plastics. 

Ecode is UC Berkeley's first environmental coding club. 

Schedule: (PST)

Saturday November 7th

11:00 AM Opening Ceremony

2:00 Climate Justice Workshop

Sunday November 8th

1:00 PM Ecological Design Workshop 

4:00 PM Closing Ceremony


  • Participants: Individuals (over 18 years in age); Teams; Organizations (up to 100 employees)

Anyone can participate in this hackathon! Environmental problems are inherently interdisciplinary and affect everyone, so we should all feel empowered to participte in forming the solution. You don't need to know how to code, there will be support for learning and multiple tracks of project to work on.


Projects can take different forms, but everything should be submitted through Devpost unless clarified with event coordinators as early as possible. Submissions could be a website, an app, a presentation video, or many other forms- just clearly express your idea, impact, and implementation. If you encounter a problem reach out to the event coordinators.


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$125 in prizes

$75 Amazon Gift Card

$50 Amazon Gift Card


Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Sergey Rakov

Sergey Rakov
Rostelecom IT

Julia Benz

Nikhil Bharadwaj

Judging Criteria

  • Problem Definition and Analysis
    We only focus on the problem challenged, not on the solution created to solve this problem. How precise and relevant is the defined problem? How interesting or difficult to resolve- functionally or technically - is the problem being challenged?
  • Solution Design and Innovation
    Does the solution approach a new problem or look at an old problem in a new way? Is the solution completely innovative or does it rely on an existing concept? Does the solution impact a number of people broadly or a small number of people deeply?
  • Idea Viability
    Is the solution technically and marketplace value? Would people use this product? Is the solution only theoretical or does it have a realistic application for commercial purposes? (Not necessarily here and now, but eventually in the future.)
  • Implementation of Solution Demonstration
    Does the product function, or is the product immediately actionable? Is the path of implementation clearly discussed at different scales? What is the potential for long term impact of the team's project?

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